making your microwave work like it used to

making your microwave work like it used to

  • AC Replacement: Top 4 Benefits Of A New Residential Air Conditioning Installation

    When your air conditioner gets to the end of its useful life, you might want to start shopping for a new one. That is because an old system comes with tons of problems. For instance, it may not effectively provide sufficient cooling since its parts are no longer as agile as they previously were. Besides, such a system works overly hard and uses up excess power. That eventually translates to increased power bills.

  • A Bad Evaporator Fan Motor Causes Your Refrigerator To Get Too Warm Inside

    If your refrigerator and freezer compartment aren't as cold as they should be, the problem might be with the evaporator fan motor. A warm refrigerator is a problem that needs quick repairs or your food will spoil fairly fast. An evaporator fan motor is somewhat difficult to replace since the refrigerator has to be taken apart to reach it. Plus, the problem could be with the control board that controls the motor instead of the motor itself, so calling a refrigerator repair service for help could be the quickest way to get your refrigerator working again.

  • Replacing a Bad Control Board So Your Washing Machine Works Properly

    The control board in your washing machine is responsible for moving the washer through the various steps in washing your clothes. If your washer doesn't turn on, spin, fill with water, or drain, the control board might be to blame. When the control board goes bad, a washer repair professional can put in a new one. Here's a look at how the repair person might deal with a bad control board in your washer.

  • 7 Steps To Cleaning Your AC Window Unit Parts And Packing Your Unit Away For The Year

    Though you may be relying heavily on your AC window unit right now to cope with the heat, the summer weather will soon be cooling off as the fall arrives. If you rely on a window unit to cool your home, it's important to service your unit and pack it up carefully at the end of the warm season to ensure that parts continue functioning efficiently year after year. The following are seven important steps to go through each year at the end of the summer when you're preparing your window unit for its months in storage:

  • How To Replace The Drive Block On A Washing Machine That Vibrates Too Much

    A washing machine is supposed to agitate, or quickly spin, the clothing inside to make sure every piece is thoroughly washed and to help drain out the excess water at the end of the cycle. The washing machine can start to vibrate or shake if a load becomes greatly uneven in weight, which is a problem easily fixed by shifting around the clothes inside. But sometimes the severe vibrations are constant and unrelated to the weight or balance of the clothes inside.

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    making your microwave work like it used to

    Does your microwave seem to be taking longer to heat up your food? Microwaves are wonderful appliances for the home, but they can eventually develop a few problems that could make them less efficient than they should be. I really dislike buying new appliances when my appliances begin to work less efficiently than they did in the past. Because of this, I have learned a lot about troubleshooting problems and making basic repairs or changes. You can learn how I got my microwave working the way that it once did and saved myself the cost of replacing the entire unit.