making your microwave work like it used to

making your microwave work like it used to

Microwave Stopped Heating? 3 Repair Tips

Frederick Hamilton

You may not realize just how often you use your microwave until yours suddenly breaks, and you have to heat up your leftovers the old-fashioned way. Heating up a plate of food or a bowl of leftovers is so much simpler in the microwave, so when yours stops working, reheating can be a bit of a chore. If your microwave has stopped working, there may be a few things you can do to help get it working again. Read on for some repair tips that may help. 

1. Replace The Vent Filter

The vent filter in your microwave needs to be replaced often in order to allow air to flow through to the microwave. If your microwave is not heating, check the vent filter and clean the area inside the opening. It may be clogged with grease and oils from the stove below. Clean it out using mild dish soap. Then replace the vent filter with a brand new one. Cleaning it can also help, but it's best to just replace it altogether.

2. Replace The Fuse

The fuse on your microwave may have gone bad or blown. You may need to remove the microwave from its place above the stove, then remove the panel on the front of the microwave. Check the fuses to see if any are burned out, or if any appear to be blown. Replace the fuse with a new one and ensure the panel doesn't have any other damage. Other types of damage may require that your microwave needs to be replaced altogether.

3. Check The Power Cord

If you don't have power at all to your microwave, you may have an issue with the power cord, or with the outlet it is plugged into. Check the power cord and then inspect the outlet. Check the outlet for continuity. If the issue is not the cord or the outlet, you may have more of an issue with your microwave. 

If your microwave has stopped working, it can put a damper on your food preparation, especially when reheating foods. If your microwave is not working and you are not able to repair it yourself, you should hire a professional appliance repair technician to help you make the repair. Call a professional repairman to help get your appliance working again so you can get through your day without the extra hassle of heating foods on the stove and can have this convenience back again.

Reach out to a residential appliance service for more information.


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making your microwave work like it used to

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