making your microwave work like it used to

making your microwave work like it used to

Replacing a Bad Control Board So Your Washing Machine Works Properly

Frederick Hamilton

The control board in your washing machine is responsible for moving the washer through the various steps in washing your clothes. If your washer doesn't turn on, spin, fill with water, or drain, the control board might be to blame. When the control board goes bad, a washer repair professional can put in a new one. Here's a look at how the repair person might deal with a bad control board in your washer.

Verify the Control Board Is Bad

Identifying a bad control board is a matter of ruling out other problems with the washer. Testing a control board directly can be difficult, but the repair person might use a multimeter to make sure the board is getting power. If your washer is displaying an error code, this gives the repair person a place to start investigating the problem.

If the error code shows the problem is with the spin cycle, the repair person can check the electronic components and wiring that control the cycle to see if they are bad, and if not, that could point to the control board as the cause of the problem.

Remove the Old Control Board

Washers are built in different ways, but the control board is usually right behind the control panel. The panel has to be taken apart to reach the control board so it can be removed. The board has many wires connected to it that go to various parts of the washing machine, and care has to be taken to keep track of where the wires were removed so they can be put on the new control panel correctly.

Install the New Control Board

The washer repair person selects the right control board for your washer model and installs it in the same spot as the old board occupied. Wires are attached and then the washing machine is put back together. The washer is plugged back in to see if the new board fixed the problem and the washer works properly.

When the washer is turned on the first time after having a new board installed, it enters a diagnostic mode so the repair technician can put the washer through a calibration cycle. Once the cycle is complete, your washer is ready for use.

Replacing a control board is one of the more difficult washer repairs since the washing machine has to be taken apart to reach the board, and because there are so many wires connected to it that have to be placed in exact spots for the new board to work. The washer might need to be pulled away from the wall to access the back of it, and even that can be difficult since washers are so heavy.

If you suspect the control board needs extra attention, contact companies like D-3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc. Local repair services can locate the exact parts your machine needs and install them properly so your washer is ready to tackle your laundry.


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making your microwave work like it used to

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