making your microwave work like it used to

making your microwave work like it used to

7 Steps To Cleaning Your AC Window Unit Parts And Packing Your Unit Away For The Year

Frederick Hamilton

Though you may be relying heavily on your AC window unit right now to cope with the heat, the summer weather will soon be cooling off as the fall arrives. If you rely on a window unit to cool your home, it's important to service your unit and pack it up carefully at the end of the warm season to ensure that parts continue functioning efficiently year after year.

The following are seven important steps to go through each year at the end of the summer when you're preparing your window unit for its months in storage:

  1. Disconnect your unit- The first part of taking your window unit down for the year is unplugging it. Most window units are installed with insulation placed around them to prevent air penetration between the window and the air conditioner's exterior. You'll need to remove this insulation as well as any hardware that keeps the unit in place.
  2. Take your unit out of the window- It's important to have a helper when you're removing the unit because AC window units are typically very heavy.
  3. Drain water from the unit- An AC window unit will typically be filled with some water, especially if it has only very recently been used. You'll need to drain this water before packing it away. Leaving water in the unit when you pack it away can cause mold and mildew growth in the unit's parts. It can also cause mechanical parts to rust. Put the unit down on a towel and allow it to drain. 
  4. Clean out the unit's filter- Cleaning the unit's filter should start with removing the filter and then vacuuming out any debris. You should run water over the filter and wash it off with soap. Then, clean it with a cleaning solution of a mixture of vinegar and water. Afterwards, thoroughly dry the filter before replacing it. 
  5. Wipe exterior surfaces with a cleaning solution- Use your vinegar/water mixture to clean off exterior parts and remove any residue. 
  6. Clean the unit's front grill- The front grill is an important component of the unit because it allows air to flow in. Make sure that you carefully clean the grill and remove any debris that could create a clog that blocks air flow. 
  7. Enclose the unit in a cover and pack it away- You should never store your AC unit without placing it in a box. Ideally, you should place it in a specially designed air conditioner cover that will prevent pests like insects and rodents from getting inside and building nests inside the unit while it's in storage. 

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