making your microwave work like it used to

making your microwave work like it used to

Remove That Scratch From Your LED TV in 4 Easy Steps

Frederick Hamilton

When you invest money in an LED flat screen TV, the last thing you want to do is replace it because it somehow ended up with a big scratch on the surface. Even a small or light scratch can interrupt your viewing experience and distract from watching shows and playing games on your LED TV. Luckily, if the scratch is small and not too deep, you can remove it on your own using a few household products.

3 Household Products

To remove the scratch from your television, you need to gather up these supplies from your house or purchase them from your local grocery or department store:

  1. Distilled Water
  2. Micro fiber Cloth
  3. Isopropyl Alcohol

Don't skip out on the distilled water; distilled water is free of dissolved salts and minerals that are in the regular water from your faucet. The dissolved salts and minerals in your regular faucet water, even though you may not be able to see them, could damage your television screen further, which is why you should purchase a gallon of distilled water.

Turn Off Your Television

The first thing you need to do is turn off your television. To be extra safe, you should unplug it as well. You don't want electricity flowing through your television when you apply the cleaning solution to it. You could get shocked and your television could get fried.

Mix Up the Solution

Next, you need to mix the solution together. You can mix it inside of a bowl or container. You'll want to mix equal parts distilled water and isopropyl alcohol together to create the cleaning solution for your flat-screen television.

Use Your Microfiber Cloth

After you have created the cleaning solution, take your microfiber cloth and dip it into the solution. It should be lightly damp; if it is dripping wet, wring it out. 

Then, very gently rub the cloth over the scratch on the surface of your flat-screen television in a circular motion. It is important to be gentle; if you push too hard with the cloth, even though it is soft, it could still scratch the surface of your television if you are too rough with it. If the cloth gets dry as you are rubbing it with the cleaning solution, get it wet again. You don't want the cloth to be dry; this could scratch your television as well.

Stop and let the cleaning solution evaporate from your television and inspect the surface. The scratch should disappear. If it doesn't disappear, try the above method one more time. If you still don't see results, the scratch may be deeper than you realize and you may need to call up a flat-screen LED television specialist or appliance repair technician to assist you. Look for a company like A-1 Appliance Service or another in your area.


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making your microwave work like it used to

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