making your microwave work like it used to

making your microwave work like it used to

Tackling Common Concerns About Washing Machine Warranty Coverage

Frederick Hamilton

When you invest in a brand new washing machine right off of the showroom floor at the appliance store, you will automatically receive a manufacturer's warranty that covers parts and operation. The length of time this warranty lasts will vary depending on the manufacturer of the model you choose. As cut-and-dry as a warranty may sound in the beginning, when something breaks down or tears up, the whole idea can get complicated. This can be frustrating when you believed if something went wrong, it would just be fixed. Here are a few of the most common questions concerning warranty coverage for a new washing machine.

If you already get a warranty, why should you buy an extended warranty?

The manufacturer's warranty is what is offered by the company that makes the product, while an extended warranty plan is usually offered by the company that sold you the washer. In a lot of cases, the extended warranty will cover problems that the manufacturer's warranty will not. For example, most manufacturer's warranties will cover the water pump for the washer, but it may not cover a faulty door. The extended warranty may pay for this problem.

Why do you have to have a licensed appliance repair professional for warranty repairs?

You may think that a simple problem, such as installing a new seal or hose, is something you could handle without having to have the attention of an appliance repair professional. Yet when you call for coverage information, you find out that professional attention is a stipulation of the warranty. This is not because the manufacturer doubts your ability, but rather they want to make sure the repair is handled appropriately so no other components of your machine are affected.

If you have a problem right after you buy your washer, why can't you just get a replacement?

In rare cases when the washing machine you buy new has a lot of problems, you can get a replacement. However, it costs the company less if they can just tend to the faulty parts instead of exchanging for a new version of what you have. Therefore, this is the general course of action most of the time.

When you understand a little more about how a warranty for your new washing machine works, you will get more from your new investment. It is always a good idea to investigate the manufacturer's warranty thoroughly before you invest a lot of money in your new appliance. For more information, contact Appliance Technology or a similar company.


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